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User Persona Template (Format & Illustrations)

UX Research, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Sketching, Illustrating

Procreate, Apple Pencil, Adobe Illustrator, Powerpoint

Capacity is an AI SaaS startup on a mission to create an enterprise support automation platform to “empower teams and customers with instant knowledge and automated workflows.”

However, in order to confidently build such a product, they needed a way to quickly and impactfully communicate the pain points of their users to the company’s designers and engineers.

Enter the user persona.

Capacity’s CRO and Design Director tasked me with applying UX research and design thinking to create a polished user persona template. I jumped at the opportunity to create work that would not only heavily influence the direction of the product, but empower users with a superior experience.

A mass of internal research informed the creation of low-fidelity pencil sketches, followed by iterations of high-fidelity gray-scale illustrations, and, finally, extensive illustration refinement and polishing.

Below is the resulting “day in the life” user persona template that’s currently being leveraged to help Capacity’s designers and engineers visually connect with their users.

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